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February, 2022


IEC 61850 Project Realization Including the Specification, Design, and Testing Aspects

Cheltenham, UK


The objective of this 3-day course is for participants to complete the full specification, design, configuration and testing of a demo IEC 61850 project, which allows participants to gain an insight into every aspect of an IEC 61850 implementation. This course builds on the content and experiences in Tier I and Tier II, preparing attendees for their participation in the end-to-end implementation of digital substations (specification, design and configuration, commissioning, testing).

During the course participants gain experience in studying IEC 61850 technical specifications on IEDs (PICS, MICS, TICS, PIXIT) to understand limits, which could be imposed in real applications. They implement specific protection and control functions (eg. breaker failure, reverse interlocking, bus transfer scheme, switchgear interlocking, etc.) and integrate IEDs in process control system using IEC 61850 services.

  • Specification Process using Helinks STS system configuration tool
  • Design & Configuration Process, including communications configuration using Helinks STS and various IED configuration tools
  • Testing & Commissioning Process using contemporary IEC 61850 tools

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