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May, 2022


Fundamentals & Principles of IEC 61850 + Advanced IEC 61850 Training with Hands-on Digital Substation Workshop

Bangkok, Thailand


This 8-day in-person training course covers everything in the Tier I, Tier II and Tier III training, including classroom and hands-on workshop sessions. In the first five days, the Sampled Values, GOOSE and MMS workshops are completed by participants after the corresponding classroom sessions each day. In these workshop sessions, participants configure real IEDs, including process bus, from a wide range of major vendors in our Mobile Digital Substation.

In the second week of training, participants will complete the full specification, design, configuration and testing of a demo IEC 61850 project, gaining an insight into every aspect of an IEC 61850 implementation.

This course prepares attendees for their participation in the end-to-end implementation of digital substations (specification, design and configuration, commissioning, testing).

All aspects of our Tier I, Tier II and Tier II modules are included:

  • Background Information & Basic Concepts
  • Data Models
  • Communication Services (GOOSE, Sampled Values, MMS)
  • Specification and Engineering Processes
  • Network Architecture & Time Synchronization
  • Advanced aspects of IEC 61850
  • Sampled Values Hands-On Workshop
  • GOOSE Hands-On Workshop
  • MMS Hands-On Workshop (Data Model, Reporting, Control Models)
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Specification Process using Helinks STS system configuration tool
  • Design & Configuration Process, including communications configuration using Helinks STS and various IED configuration tools
  • Testing & Commissioning Process using contemporary IEC 61850 tools

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