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October, 2022


Fundamentals & Principles of IEC 61850

Virtual (Europe/Africa time zone)


The objective of this training course is to gain a fundamental understanding of IEC 61850 so users are comfortable with the concepts of the standard. This course consists of 24 hours of classroom sessions spread over 5 days, which cover IEC 61850 theoretical information in a direct manner that is easily understood, regardless of the participants prior IEC 61850 knowledge or experience.

Tier I provides the underlying frameworks including the data modelling, communications, testing and networking aspects in preparation for Tier II and Tier III, which bring these concepts into practice.

This Tier I module includes the following aspects:

  • Background Information & Basic Concepts
  • Data Models
  • Communication Services (GOOSE, Sampled Values, MMS)
  • Specification and Engineering Processes
  • Network Architecture & Time Synchronization
  • Testing & Commissioning Principles

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