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Dustin Tessier

IEC TC57/WG 10 Member
IEC 61850-6-2 Task Force Leader

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Grant Gilchrist

Systems Engineer
Grid Modernization
Tesco Automation

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Michael Ritchie

IEC 61850 Expert

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Braden Olson

Braden Olson

Principal Protection & Automation Engineer

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Testing & Consulting Services

Tesco Automation

At Tesco we understand that being successful with a disruptive technology such as IEC 61850 requires passionate, dedicated, and hard-working experts that foster a culture that encourages innovative thinking.

We are a group of professional power utility automation experts. Adopting new technologies can be challenging, and we understand the importance of building a cohesive team that has a unified vision. Instilled in our team is the passion and work ethic to ensure our clients are successful with their grid modernization projects.

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Digital Substations User Task Force

Digital Substations User Task Force

The Digital Substations User Task Force has been meeting since 2016, providing end users with the opportunity to hear real-world experience on IEC 61850 projects conducted throughout the world, including the business case aspects, the technical lessons learnt, and the implications to the overall engineering and commissioning processes. This is a community of 61850 experts, which facilitates information exchange among like-minded peer groups via Utility Sponsored Information Sessions. We provide learning opportunities with various global subject matter experts (NERC, PTP, NCITs, Cyber Security, etc.), providing an added insight into the various technical domains. And when things go wrong, we provide a technical interface point between end users, vendors, and the standards development community.

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