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IEC 61850 University - Mobile Digital Substation

World’s first and most comprehensive IEC 61850 Mobile Digital Substation!

Our Mobile Digital Substation includes devices, test equipment, and access to the software required to configure and test the protection and control systems in a tangible multi-vendor environment.

The substation primary equipment is simulated using CB simulator relays and physical current and voltage injections, and our equipment racks have wheels, but the rest of the system is built using the same physical devices as could be used in a real substation: protection IEDs, merging units (SAMU / PIU), utility-grade Ethernet switches and satellite clocks.

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Learning by Doing

IEC 61850 University’s Tier II module includes hands-on workshops that allows participants to configure SV, GOOSE, MMS, and PTP configurations on IEDs from all major vendors. Participants are taught the fundamentals in the morning, and the afternoon is spent putting these principles into practice by configuring/testing the various IEDs.

Feature - IEC 61850 University's hands on workshops - 03

Feature - IEC 61850 University's hands on workshops - 03

IEC 61850 University's hands on workshops - 03

IEC 61850 Vendor Partnerships

IEC 61850 University’s Mobile Digital Substation has integrated IEDs and test equipment from all major vendors, including Arbiter, Cisco, Doble, GE, Hitachi ABB, Hirschmann, Omicron, Schneider Electric, SEL, Siemens, Tekron, and Vizimax. Participants are provided the unique opportunity to complete SV/GOOSE/MMS/PTP configuration within all the major vendor’s IED platforms. The diagram below summarizes the IEC 61850 IEDs and configuration tools, as well as the testing/simulation devices/tools that are incorporated into the Mobile Digital Substation.

Arbiter Systems
GE Grid Solutions
Helinks - System Tools For IEC61850
Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Schneider Electric
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Equipment & Tools Featured in Training

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